Tuesday, June 9, 2015

  • Does It Really Work? New Year’s Weight loss Resolutions Make Smart Food Choices

  • Within this E-Factor Diet Review, this is you solution you’ll discover what this new diet, created by John Rowley, is all about and if it will be something for you, which you could follow to shed your extra pounds, and loss weight fast, increase your energy, stimulate your metabolism and improve your health.

  • Every day we make food choices, and for those of us seeking healthy options often find ourselves tripped up by seemingly safe if not favorable choices, only to find, well, read on E-Factor Diet review. E-factor Diet your choice
  • The title of this book is The E-Factor Diet, but the end result will be so much more than a diet. You may want to lose some fat, but you need more than just a diet solution. This is a holistic solution that empowers every area of your life, not just your body fat levels. If you follow this plan, you will eat your way to a leaner, younger body.
I really love it and what John does teach about nutrition and dieting and I started feeling better just after some days following the plan. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. So if you want to start losing fat, getting more energy and improving your health,
This isn’t a normal diet plan you might know from other diets out there where you have to count calories or remain on a certain type of low fat foods to be able to follow the plan and start losing weight. In my opinion, the e-factor diet is more like a program where you coach your body losing weight. This diet program is all about following the e-factors, which I’ll explain what they are soon, and about timing your meals. It’s a real foods on the right time system.You can eat healthy, as I do, and still have that ugly fat around your belly or feeling bloated, as I did before I started following John’s diet plan. It’s as simple as:
  •     Eat all the vegetables you want.
  •     Drink all the water you want.
  •     Stay away from foods to which you are intolerant.
There will be no limits on what you eat. This is the difference to most other diet plans where you have limits on what you eat, which in my experience doesn’t work for the long term and isn’t that healthy either. The only plan you have to follow within the e-factor diet program is, that you eat certain foods on certain times and John does explain that very well and in an easy to understand way - Eat all the protein you want.
  • What Are The E-Factors?
The e-factor stands for the 4 E’s which are followed throughout the e-book and these 4 E’s are for:
  •    Energetic Foods
  •    Endothermic Food
  •    Enzymatic Foods
  •    Enjoy Every Meal

Meal Planning Blueprint
This is Complete 25 page blueprint for 
planning your meals. It also contains 
samples for:gggggggggg
  •  Morning Meals and Snacks
  •  Midday Meals and Snacks
  •  Nighttime Meals and Snack
It also contains information about which foods to eat, how much protein you should take and when you should eat the different kind of foods. Then this blueprint comes also with a Protein Guide by Body Weight which I thought was helpful.
Cheat your Way Trim
Cheat Meals Are Mandatory – Yes, you read that correctly. Cheat meals are not only mandatory, they will help you achieve your goals more quickly and will speed up your metabolism along the way. Within this 12 page guide John does explain everything about these cheat meals
  • What I Loved Most About This Diet Plan
  • The E-Factor Diet is one weight loss program which not only lifts a human body's metabolism but also helps people in casting off weight quicker. This system divides foods into a few different groups. The first group is named energetic foods which helps people fight fatigue. These foods provide fuel to the body which is the best energy source for the brain. A diet rich in whole grains and complex carbohydrates is necessary for energy. Undoubtedly, these foods will help people maintain high energy all day.  I started following the simple plan explained above, and was able to find the foods which are working for me personally and for which my body responds in the best way possible. This is what makes this diet plan so unique. You’ll be able to find your own personal diet plan which is working for YOU! 
    For example, if you are adding unwanted body fat, losing energy, your joints hurt, and more … then, being aware of what you ate, and how that food affected your body, will help you identify which foods to avoid in the future. John called this “personal responsibility.” In short, if you take responsibility to eat this way, and avoid the foods that don’t agree with your body, you will look and feel 10 years younger.
    To be honest with you. This question can only be answered by yourself. I can tell you only from my own experience. If you are willing to change some of your day eating habits and if you really want to lose weight and achieving a healthier lifestyle, then this diet plan will definitely work for you too, as it does form me as well as my wife. I myself believe that much in this diet. In fact, this diet is quite simple:
  • Will It Work For You?
  • Do You Need Extra Weight Loss?